Frequently asked questions

Listing features

When you subscribe to our diamond listing plan, your listing becomes featured. This means that it comes before free and gold listings in search results, and also displays a featured badge in the top left corner in search results. Featured venues are also displayed on our home page (in random order) and come up first in the related listings section which appears at the bottom of individual listing pages (on basic listings only).

Yes you can! Just go through the checkout process for your first listing and complete the sign up, then start again using the Add a listing to add a second or subsequent listing. 

Drop us a line if you think we need to add additional categories – or any other listing data you think might be useful to our visitors.

Billing and account management

You can cancel or switch listing plans at any time. Promotions cannot be cancelled once purchased however as they are for a fixed term.

We require all subscriptions to be paid automatically by credit card. This minimises our admin and ensures we can keep our listing packages as affordable as possible.

If you want to add 5 or more listings get in touch and we’ll provide you with a 20% discount code. Contact us for other bulk listing details.

Yes we do! If you’re a registered non-profit or community organisation, please get in touch for a discount code.

Listing management

Go to My Listings, and click the edit icon beside your listing. Make your changes and click the Save Changes button at the bottom. 

Go to My Listings, and click on the switch plan icon then choose your new plan. If you choose a paid plan follow the steps through to the checkout. You can upgrade or downgrade plans at any time. Any unused time on paid plans won’t be refunded for downgrades. For plan upgrades, we will pro-rate any unused time from your previous plan by extending the renewal date on your listing.

You can cancel a paid subscription by going to Subscribed Plans, clicking View beside the subscription you want to cancel and then clicking the Cancel button. Your listing will remain active on the previous subscription plan until the expiration date, after which your listing will be unpublished. If you’d rather keep your listing published, but cancel your paid plan and downgrade to a free basic listing, then use the steps under “How do I change my plan” to switch your paid plan to a basic plan. 

Go to My Listings, and click the delete icon beside your listing.

If your venue is already listing on our website, but doesn’t have an account associated with it, you will be able to submit a claim for it. This allows you to manage the listing and assign a plan. To claim a listing do the following:

  1. Go to the page for the listing you want to claim
  2. Click on the “own this business” button
  3. Log in if you already have an account, or click register and sign up with your email address and chosen password
  4. Select a package
  5. If you chose a paid package, follow the instructions through to checkout, if you chose basic then you’ll be redirected to the My Listings page
  6. You’ll receive an email notification once your claim has been approved – you can then log in with the account you created in step 3 and make any required changes

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